Support groups and educational programs

From seminars on keeping your heart healthy to educational classes for those already diagnosed with a heart condition, we offer several events to care for your heart,

Caring hearts and mended hearts

In the Caring Hearts and Mended Hearts programs, people who are past their own cardiac event volunteer to visit a patient before and after a procedure, offering empathy and support. These volunteers also support the cardiac intensive-care and waiting-room staffs.

Wire for life volunteers

Baylor Scott & White Health has teamed up with past implantable cardioverter defibrillator (ICD) recipients to provide future ICD recipients with support, comfort, and answers to their questions. Volunteers meet with the future recipients and their families before and after the ICD procedure.

ICD support group

This group gives ICD patients and their families the opportunity to visit others who have shared a similar experience, as well as to get information and emotional support.

Cardiac rehabilitation support group

Baylor Scott & White offers patients undergoing cardiac rehabilitation and their families an opportunity to open up and share their feelings about their heart event in this support group.

New hearts lung and support

New Hearts and Lungs volunteers are transplant recipients who have received or are awaiting a new heart or lung. Volunteers visit patients before and after their transplantation.

Hands-Only CPR

CPR can prolong life before professional medical attention can arrive. Hands-Only CPR will teach you how you should respond to cardiac arrest.

Spiritual care

Whether you have a prayer request or just need someone to talk to, our chaplains help people from every religious group get spiritual and religious support.

Find spiritual support