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Inpatient Medicine and Hospitalists
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What Is a hospitalist?
Hospitalists, also known as inpatient medicine physicians, specialize in general medical care for hospitalized people. A hospitalist will provide care upon your hospital admission and will continue the care during your stay. The hospitalist handles admissions, coordinates diagnostic tests, works with your primary care physician and helps with your discharge.​
Pre-hospital care
Usually, when your primary care physician recommends hospitalization, he or she will contact a hospitalist to admit you. If you are in the emergency room and need to be admitted to the hospital, the emergency room physician will contact your primary care physician to coordinate your admission through a hospitalist.
Post-hospital care
The attending hospitalist will provide discharge information for post-hospital care, and can provide a follow-up appointment with your primary care physician. The hospitalist will provide all information on your care at the hospital to your primary care physician.
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