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Neonatal Intensive Care Units (NICUs)

NICUs provide advanced care for the most fragile newborns

​When your baby needs special care, the neonatal intensive care units (NICUs) at Baylor Scott & White Health medical centers are here for you. Our dedicated NICU teams use advanced technology and expertise from multiple specialties to care for premature and seriously ill newborns around the clock.

Families are at the heart of the NICU. We support a family-centered environment with flexible visiting hours, promote bonding through skin-to-skin care and empower families to participate in their baby’s care.


A specialty care team supports your newborn and your family

A specialized multi-disciplinary team of nurses, neonatal nurse practitioners, neonatologists on the medical staff and many other skilled professionals will care for your baby in the NICU. Neonatologists have specialized training to care for premature and critically ill newborns, including those with breathing problems, birth defects or feeding issues.

Some of our NICU locations also have maternal-fetal medicine specialists on the medical staff. Neonatologists often work with maternal-fetal specialists before babies are born to coordinate care during and after high-risk pregnancies.​

Our NICU locations
We offer NICU services at several locations in North and Central Texas.​
Our Level II NICUs are equipped to provide some services beyond basic well-baby care for premature or sick newborns.

Our Level III NICUs provide advanced, comprehensive care for critically ill or premature babies, including multiple subspecialties and specialized equipment.

Baylor Scott & White McLane Children’s Medical Center in Temple provides the highest level of NICU care and ​offers a special clinic to follow babies after they leave the NICU. Babies up to 18 months of age can receive specialized care at the clinic to address ongoing medical concerns and monitor whether they are meeting developmental milestones.
The Level IV Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at Baylor University Medical Center, part of Baylor Scott & White Health, in Dallas provides advanced life-support services and technologies for premature and seriously ill newborns.

Therapies and Services

We offer a full spectrum of NICU services for babies who need specialized care.

  • Body Cooling
  • Exchange Transfusions
  • Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation (ECMO)
  • FEES Procedure
  • High-Frequency Ventilation
  • Micro-Preemies
  • Multiple Gestation
  • Neonatal Surgeries
  • Neonatal Transport
  • Nitric Oxide Therapy

Body Cooling

If your baby is deprived of oxygen during birth, a neonatologist may recommend a specialized cooling treatment. Our NICUs in Dallas, Fort Worth and Temple are equipped to provide cooling treatments that help protect your baby’s brain health. These facilities serve as major referral centers and transport infants from all over the state within hours of delivery to receive this life-saving therapy.

Exchange Transfusions

Some of our NICUs are able to provide blood transfusions for infants with critical jaundice or blood disorders.

Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation (ECMO)

The NICU at Baylor Scott & White McLane Children’s Medical Center offers life-saving ECMO support to the most critical patients. This heart-lung bypass gives critically ill newborns with heart or lung conditions time to heal.

FEES Procedure

If your baby has swallowing or feeding challenges, the FEES procedure allows a speech pathologist to use a small scope to view your baby’s swallow function. This helps specialists create a safe feeding plan for your baby. Our NICU in Dallas is one of the few hospitals in the country using this technology in infants.

High-Frequency Ventilation

For newborns requiring the help of a ventilator, some of our NICUs offer high-frequency ventilation, which may help protect lung health.


With advances in neonatal care, some of our NICUs are equipped to care for even the smallest of premature babies. We’re continually investing in technology and research to find ways to better care for our tiniest patients.

Multiple Gestation

Pregnancies involving more than one baby often have special care needs. Our NICUs specialize in caring for multiples. Maternal-fetal medicine specialists and neonatologists work together to care for you during pregnancy and for your newborns.

Neonatal Surgeries

Baylor Scott & White McLane Children’s Medical Center offers several pediatric surgical specialties for infants needing surgery. If a medical issue is detected before birth, pediatric surgeons consult with other specialists to plan corrective surgery when the baby is born before transferring him or her to the neonatal intensive care unit.

Neonatal Transport

Sometimes a baby who needs our care isn’t born at a specialized NICU location. As major referral centers, our NICUs in Dallas, Fort Worth and Temple have dedicated transport teams to bring critically ill babies to us. When time is of the essence, our skilled transport team travels with your baby by ambulance or helicopter with the advanced technology needed to continually monitor his or her health.


You want to be by your baby’s side as much as possible. NICVIEW is a secure, real-time camera system that allows you to see your baby 24/7, even when you can’t be in the NICU. NICVIEW is currently offered in Dallas and College Station, with other locations coming soon.

Nitric Oxide Therapy

If your newborn has a respiratory condition, such as high blood pressure in the lungs or respiratory failure, some of our NICUs can provide inhaled nitric oxide therapy.

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