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Breast Imaging

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​A Picture Worth Taking – Get a Mammogram

The breast imaging services at Baylor University Medical Center Breast Imaging Centers are fully accredited in:

  • Mammography
  • Stereotactic breast biopsy
  • Breast ultrasound
  • Ultrasound-guided breast biopsy

Darlene G. Cass Women's Imaging Center at Baylor University Medical Center was named as one of five "Top Women's Imaging Centers to Watch" nationwide by Imaging Technology News. These recognized centers are selected based on their achievements in innovation, operational efficiency, customer service and teamwork.

Monthly breast self-exams (BSEs) are recommended for women age 20+. There are benefits and limitations and it is recommended that you report any changes in how your breasts look or feel to a health expert right away. Call 1.844.BSWDOCS (279.3627) and we'll send a BSE shower card to you, or click a link below to learn more and print one now.

More Than 25 Years of Service

Baylor Dallas Breast Imaging Centers have been a leader in breast imaging services in the Dallas area for more than 25 years. Our leading technology, radiology expertise and dedication to the detection of breast cancer have allowed us to provide care to thousands of women. We perform more than 60,000 breast imaging procedures annually.

The Radiology Team on Baylor Dallas Medical Staff

Breast Imaging Center procedures are reviewed and interpreted by board-certified radiologists on the medical staff who specialize in breast imaging.

Our Technology

All four of the Baylor Dallas Breast Imaging Centers are equipped with advanced technology for accurate diagnosis and offer fully digital mammography units. This allows the radiologist to manipulate the images and focus more clearly on any areas of concern. Digital mammography also reduces the need for retaking underdeveloped images, decreases unnecessary patient return visits and typically allows the patient to move through the screening process more quickly.

In addition, we offer computer-aided detection (CAD). This system provides a second review of screening mammograms for areas that may be of concern.

Continuum of Services

All four locations draw upon the strength and reputation of Baylor University Medical Center and utilize our capabilities to guide you through the entire breast imaging process, from screening to diagnosis to treatment. 

The breast imaging centers collaborate with the Baylor Sammons Breast Center to provide education on breast health including:

  • Benign breast conditions
  • Screening and diagnostic services 
  • Breast cancer treatment options
  • Breast cancer prevention
  • Breast cancer hereditary risk
  • Clinical trials
  • Reconstructive surgery
  • Referrals to a wide range of specialty treatments
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Excellent Care

All four of Baylor University Medical Center Breast Imaging Centers have earned the designation of Breast Imaging Center of Excellence by the American College of Radiology, Commission on Quality and Safety and the Commission on Breast Imaging.

  • We perform more than 60,000 breast imaging procedures annually.
  • We detected more than 2,500 breast cancers in the last five years.
  • Our imaging procedures are reviewed and interpreted by board-certified radiologists on the medical staff at Baylor Dallas who specialize in breast imaging.
  • We offer education and diagnosis about breast cancer and many other breast health issues. 
  • We offer advanced well woman​ and diagnostic procedures.
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