Family-centered supportive labor, delivery and postpartum care for our patients

At Baylor Scott & White Medical Center – Round Rock, our compassionate labor and delivery team provides medical and surgical support to patients who are in the process of expanding their family through the miracle of childbirth.

Our birthing suites

  • Labor-delivery-recovery-postpartum (LDPR) rooms
  • Exclusive family-centered newborn rooming-in
  • Level I neonatal designation (Well Nursery)
  • In-house and outpatient lactation support


Hospitalists are a medical team of physicians, nurses, respiratory therapists, lactation consultants and social workers who are available to care for your baby in Round Rock.

Pediatric hospitalists are present for delivery if needed. These physicians specialize in caring for well newborns and providing any special care required.

Your baby’s care team strives to meet two important goals:

  • Provide safe, evidence-based care for your newborn during his/her time in the hospital
  • Prepare you to take great care of your baby at home

Lactation services with breastfeeding success

Baylor Scott & White is proud to partner with Breastfeeding Success to provide caring lactation services to patients at Baylor Scott & White Medical Center - Round Rock.

Breastfeeding Success is a comprehensive parent education and lactation services provider that supports families during pregnancy, after birth, and beyond. We offer breastfeeding classes and virtual support groups that teach practical skills before the big day, so new parents are fully prepared for their new arrival.

When a baby is born at Baylor Scott & White, the Breastfeeding Success team of internationally board-certified lactation consultants (IBCLCs) will visit to assess you and your baby’s needs, provide education, and understand your feeding goals. Our experienced providers are aware of the latest evidence-based information related to infant feeding and breastfeeding. They will help you with all lactation needs including obtaining a comfortable latch, ensuring that your baby is feeding well, or helping with hand expression or pumping to get you off to the best start possible.

After you return home, Breastfeeding Success offers consults at our clinic locations, in-home visits, or via telehealth as well as brief topic-centered support by phone from our experienced team of IBCLCs. You’ll get a written care plan that’s shared with your primary care provider for seamless coordination of care.

Lactation support is a covered benefit many parents don’t realize they have. Breastfeeding Success is Central Texas’ largest provider of lactation care and parent education classes and their services are in-network with most major insurers.

Regardless of how you decide to feed your baby, Baylor Scott & White and Breastfeeding Success are honored to support any parent with breastfeeding and chest-feeding strategies as well as judgment-free support for bottle-feeding and pumping parents. We help families find their own success.

Parenting classes and resources

As an expectant parent, you already know there’s much to be done before the arrival of your baby. We’re pleased and honored to offer a variety of services to help make these coming months as stress-free and productive as possible.

This brochure is designed to give you valuable information about our services, including what to consider before, during and after delivery.

Download new parent handbook

  • Gestational diabetes support

    If you are a woman with diabetes considering pregnancy or a woman diagnosed with gestational diabetes during your pregnancy, our team of dietitians and certified diabetes care and education specialists can provide nutrition and diabetes education.

    A referral from your OBGYN or primary care physician is required.

    Once the referral is received, patients may call 512.509.0200 to schedule an appointment, or contact 512.509.3435 with questions or for more information.

    Learn more about diabetes

  • New parent/breastfeeding support group

    This is a virtual group that's led by an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant ( IBCLC) and designed for questions parents have with feeding, or just parenting in general. Participants may join for any portion of the meeting. The only requirements is to be respectful of all participants and the moderator, and be tolerant of differing views or parenting styles. This group is open to parents who may provide feeding in a number of ways, including breast, bottle or a combination of the two.

    Find a breastfeeding support group

  • Prepared childbirth class

    Participants will learn about physiology, anatomy, and the stages of labor, and will explore coping strategies, complications, options, and decision making. Learn what real labor is and when to leave for the hospital, and find out how to prepare physically and emotionally for birth.

    Find a prepared childbirth class

  • Breastfeeding class

    Our Breastfeeding 101 class is a live, online class taught by our lactation partner, Breastfeeding Success. It will prepare you to get off to a good start with breastfeeding and learn what to expect during the first few days after baby's birth. It will also teach you how to overcome common breastfeeding challenges, and what to watch out for when you get home with your baby.

    Find a breastfeeding class

  • Newborn care class

    New parents receive a lot of support caring for new little ones from caregivers at the birthplace. The challenge begins when baby arrives home. This class will address questions, share important knowledge and skills (and hacks), and help parents prepare to take on a very challenging and fulfilling new job called parenthood.

    Find a newborn care class

  • Safe Baby Academy

    Some of our prepared childbirth and breastfeeding/newborn classes are followed by Safe Baby Academy, held at 2:00 - 5:00 PM. Topics include:

    • Car seat safety
    • Infant CPR
    • Home safety
    • Water safety
    • Safe sleep practices

    Presented by Baylor Scott & White Health, Austin-Travis County EMS and Williamson County EMS. Participants MUST register to attend. Please call 512.972.SAFE (7233) or email to sign up for your FREE class.

    Learn more about Safe Baby Academy

  • Online classes

    Not every family is able to attend parent education classes in person, while others learn better with a self-study class. These interactive, web-based classes feature animated illustrations, videos and games to make learning easy and fun. An Invitation to the online course will be given to you within 5 business days after you have completed the registration process.

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