Helping you navigate the cancer journey after treatment ends

In 2017, we launched Onward: The Survivorship Journey, an oncology survivorship program, to bring together a multidisciplinary team of clinical oncology professionals to help patients and their families navigate the cancer journey after treatment ends.

Survivorship program offerings

After cancer treatment diagnosis, patients continue to experience personal fears, family concerns, financial worries and medical treatments. Our program uses innovative and integrative methods that promote overall patient wellbeing because healing is a body, mind and spirit collaboration.

  • The Behavioral Health Oncology Service helps cancer patients manage common cancer-related physical, emotional and behavioral health challenges
  • Genetic counseling and genetic testing for individuals at high risk of developing cancer
  • Wellness and support programs
  • Fitness and rehabilitation components to meet each patient’s needs
  • Chaplaincy services as well as sacred spaces for reflection
  • Research studies and clinical trials conducted by some of the nation’s leading scientists and researchers
  • Specialized boutiques that offers products and services aimed at minimizing the effects of cancer therapy
  • Facebook group for networking tools and as an online resource

Finding comfort and healing through creative expression

The Arts in Medicine program incorporates arts and music as therapeutic tools. Music and art therapy are evidence-based healthcare professions. Services are available at the bedside, or in individual or group settings. We also provide music practitioners who play at the bedside enhancing the healing process. All services in Arts in Medicine are offered a no cost.

  • Art therapy
  • Artist-in-residence
  • Open art studio
  • Music therapy
  • Music practitioners
  • Performance series
  • Exhibitions and shows

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Helping cancer patients heal through the arts

When Durba Mukhopadhyay, PhD, a human physiology professor, was diagnosed with stage IV lung cancer she turned back to the arts for healing and comfort in the midst of her difficult diagnosis.