Multidisciplinary clinic for the diagnosis, treatment and research of voice disorders in Dallas

We believe that one's voice is the fundamental and essential form of communication. Our voice allows us to communicate not just with words but through the emotion and intensity of the sound behind those words. Many people use their voice professionally, such as teachers, preachers, lawyers and performers. All of us, however, depend on your voice daily for work and social interactions. No matter your vocation or your training, we treat every voice with unique attention and care here in our Dallas voice clinic.

Expertise and technology

Baylor Scott & White The Voice Center in Dallas offers specialized high-resolution imaging of the larynx (or voice box) and laryngeal videostroboscopy to analyze the biomechanics of the vocal fold (or vocal cord) vibration. Our staff includes a laryngologist and ENT doctors who specialize in disorders of the voice and throat, as well as speech-language pathologists for comprehensive care of patients with surgical or rehabilitative voice needs. We are a multidisciplinary team that works hand-and-hand with other Baylor Scott & White Health providers and practices on the Baylor University Medical Center campus in Dallas associated with the voice box, such as Baylor Scott & White Center for Esophageal Diseases.

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Medical services

​​​​​​​​​​​​​Baylor Scott & White The Voice Center offers expertise and treatment options conveniently located near you.

Conditions treated

  • Chronic cough
  • Disordered breathing
  • Sudden hoarseness requiring voice rest
  • Vocal cord dysfunction
  • Vocal fold paresis
  • Vocal fold tear
  • Vocal fold paralysis
  • Vocal fold hemorrhage
  • Vocal fold bowing
  • Vocal fold masses
  • Vocal fold scar and sulcus
  • Vocal fold nodules
  • Abnormal vocal fold movement
  • Vocal fold pseudocysts
  • Impaired vocal fold closure
  • Spasmodic dysphonia
  • Vocal fold polyps
  • Muscle tension dysphonia
  • Contact lesions
  • Paradoxical vocal fold movement
  • Reinke’s polyposis (Reinke's edema)
  • Retrograde Cricopharyngeus dysfunction
  • Lesions resulting from acid reflux
  • Recurrent laryngeal papilloma
  • Leukoplakia
  • Irritable larynx
  • Inducible laryngeal obstruction
  • Cancer
  • Dysphagia
  • Voice problems related to vocal misuse and abuse
  • Changes in singing voice


Laryngology is a subspecialty within otolaryngology (ear, nose, and throat) that deals with illnesses and injuries of the larynx, often called the voice box. The voice box sits in the front of the neck and contains the vocal cords. The larynx is responsible for sound production and swallowing.

Vocal fold repositioning surgery, or thyroplasty, is a surgery done to move a paralyzed or weak vocal fold to a better position to improve the voice.

Laryngoscopy is done in the operating room with use of a microscope for magnification. Many different surgeries may be done via this approach, including:

  • Microphonosurgery for removal of benign vocal fold lesions to preserve normal tissue and vocal quality
  • Injection augmentation or laryngoplasty to improve position of a paralyzed or weak vocal fold
  • CO2 or KTP laser treatment of laryngeal lesions
  • Airway surgery to improve and dilate any scar in the larynx or upper trachea


Voice therapy, which is a subspecialty of speech therapy, is provided to patients who are experiencing changes in their voices. This can range from an attorney, school teacher, parent, or hair dresser who uses his/her voice for work or to meet vocal needs during daily life to a church choir member who requires his or her voice to participate in meaningful life activities. No matter what you may have heard, changes in the voice are not normal and if persist for longer than 3 weeks warrant evaluation by a voice team. The Center also diagnoses and treats a variety of complex swallowing and airway disorders.

Our team including a laryngologist, speech pathologist specializing in voice and upper airway disorders, and singing voice specialist evaluate patients and establish a unique treatment plan tailored to the patients’ needs. This highly skilled, collaborative team offers convenient care utilizing technology and clinical expertise. Care of the voice and upper airway may require medication, surgery, therapy or combinations of these services. Voice therapy may be the only treatment required or may be utilized for pre- and or post-operative rehabilitation.

  • Videostroboscopy (both rigid and flexible endoscopy) providing most detailed study of function of larynx
  • Fiberoptic endoscopic evaluation of swallowing (FEES)
  • Nasopharyngoscopy
  • Chronic cough evaluation and therapy
  • Comprehensive voice evaluation including software-based voice analysis
  • Care of the professional speaking voice
  • Voice therapy
  • Respiratory Retraining Therapy
  • Chronic cough evaluation and therapy
  • Vocal cord dysfunction/paradoxical vocal fold motion evaluation and treatment
  • Lee Silverman voice treatment (LSVT)
  • Swallowing/dysphagia evaluation
  • Management of airway and swallowing problems
  • Singing voice rehabilitation

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