How Baylor Scott & White is driving digital innovation from the inside out

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by Nick Reddy

Oct 17, 2018

In A Leadership Perspective, Baylor Scott & White Health leaders share insights on healthcare industry trends, current issues and best practices.

Consumer-driven industries — from hotels and airlines, to food services and entertainment — have experienced incredible growth in recent years thanks to digital advancements that have improved the customer experience. But what about healthcare?

Thanks to new technologies and a renewed focus, the healthcare industry is now accelerating into an unprecedented era of digital transformation, and it’s all centered around you — the patient.

Last week, health leaders from across the country assembled at the HealthLeaders NEXT Hospital Innovation Summit to discuss processes and concepts that promote innovation in health. With a focus on the voice of consumers and their experiences, leaders across the industry shared why innovation is not optional.

Here are five ways Baylor Scott & White Health is innovating, from insights shared by system leaders at the HealthLeaders NEXT Hospital Innovation Summit.

We’re listening to the modern consumer.

We know you want and deserve better from healthcare. In other industries, you’re used to quick-and-easy transactions, fast-paced delivery, personalized experiences and having the answers you need at your fingertips.

Why can’t healthcare be this way, too? We think it can, and it should. It’s time for the healthcare industry to listen to the voice of the customer.

It starts with being digital, not just doing digital.

There’s a difference between doing digital and actually being digital.

If we’re truly being digital, as the digital consumer, you will be proactively engaged in monitoring and managing your own health on a daily basis. With the digital tools and information at your fingertips, including improved pricing transparency, you will be empowered to take charge of your healthcare journey. Likewise, your physician will be fully informed and engaged through real-time information that is proactively shared.

A digital mindset starts with organizational culture.

So, how do we achieve these digital aspirations? It starts with a shift in mindset. To be a digital organization, thinking digitally must be ingrained in our culture and our ambitions as a system.

Think radically.

Innovation involves more than technology, digital tools and apps. Although those are important mechanisms we use to communicate and connect with you, innovation includes the people, the process and the mindset. It’s a way of thinking creatively to find radical solutions to the problems facing our industry.

Always keep the focus on what matters.

As we hone in on digital innovation and optimization, our focus remains on what really matters — your health. After all, what’s the point in investing our energy and resources into digital tools if they’re not the tools our patients need?

As we look to the future of healthcare, we promise to listen to our consumers and continually challenge ourselves to be better, for you. Digital innovation is the key to driving that change toward a system that works better for all.

About the Author

Nick Reddy is the chief digital officer and senior vice president of information services for Baylor Scott & White Health.

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