Could olive oil cut the risk of breast cancer?


by Baylor Scott & White Health

Oct 2, 2015

There is no doubt that olives and olive oil are part of a healthy diet. The oil itself is special because compared to the other monounsaturated fats it has around 72% oleic acid which is peri-oxidation resistant and has many other antioxidant components. The fat is relatively stable too making it great for cooking.

However, it would be misleading for  to think that one single oil can single-handedly prevent cancer. It takes a well rounded diet full of other nutrients and antioxidants to compliment it. We can consume all the olive oil we want, but if we are still going through a drive-through twice a day or filling our grocery carts with 85% processed foods, then olive oil doesn’t have a chance as a component of cancer prevention.

The Mediterranean diet focuses on olive oil as the primary fat source. If followed, it is a great way to also balance the rest of one's diet while getting all the benefits of olive oil.

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