Clinical trial left Harold free of hepatitis C after 12 weeks


by Baylor Scott & White Health

Mar 24, 2016

After a car accident about four decades ago, Harold Bowles contracted hepatitis C, which resulted in two liver transplants when the organ started failing. Harold also enrolled in two separate clinical trials in an attempt to manage his illness, one of which was at Baylor University Medical Center at Dallas.

For 12 weeks, Harold took just one pill a day, and by the end of the trial, he was officially declared free of hepatitis C.

Why should I participate in a clinical trial?

Success stories like Harold’s remind us of the importance of contributing to medical research. But it’s likely that you’ve never enrolled in a clinical study before, and it’s even more likely that you never thought you’d qualify for one. You may not have heart problems, cancer or need an organ transplant, but that doesn’t rule you out from participating in a clinical study.

Research isn’t discriminatory. No area is too small to uncover the mysteries of health and medicine. Baylor Scott and White Research Institute is conducting more than 800 clinical trials to further clinical research in areas from cancer and transplantation to geriatrics and asthma.

You’re not only helping others by contributing to medical research — you’re also taking on an active role in your health care by learning how to manage and treat your condition, no matter how big or small.

Research has the potential to change lives

Recently, Baylor University Medical Center at Dallas announced plans to explore a new infertility treatment option through a womb transplant clinical trial. This clinical trial is one of many taking place throughout Baylor Scott & White Health that aims to bring hope to participants.

There are other patients like Harold, patients who took control of their medical conditions to better their health, whether their concern was a malignant tumor or high cholesterol or obesity. Follow Harold’s footsteps to learn more about our clinical studies and explore a list of our active clinical trials.

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