Severe injury didn’t stop Joshua from pursuing his dreams


by Baylor Scott & White Health

Nov 27, 2015

In May 2014, Joshua Farmer was having lunch with his friends at a fast food restaurant when, without warning, a car came crashing through the wall, pinning Joshua to a table.

In shock, he was rushed by ambulance to Baylor University Medical Center at Dallas where the trauma team was awaiting his arrival.

Trauma surgeons quickly diagnosed abdominal crush injuries and Joshua was immediately taken to the operating room to repair his spleen, pancreas, stomach and blood vessels.

After 21 days and seven surgeries, Joshua was still recovering in an intensive care unit (ICU) and thought he was going to miss high school graduation. Teachers and the principal from Lakeview Centennial High School, however, made the impossible possible: They brought the graduation ceremony to him.

Surrounded by friends and family, and his trauma medical team, Joshua was presented his high school diploma in his ICU room at Baylor Dallas.

Joshua made a full recovery and was discharged home after 46 days, 25 of which were spent in the ICU. He is committed to spending his next stage in life saving others by going to school to become a firefighter.

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