Can heavy earrings hurt your earlobes?

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by Baylor Scott & White Health

Jun 23, 2020

They always seem to be trendy and in style. However, heavy earrings can be a dangerous fashion accessory.

Richard Ha, MD, a plastic surgeon on the medical staff at Baylor University Medical Center, said he sees the damage of heavy earrings far too often in his patients. The earlobe skin is very fragile, and a split, gash or elongation of the hole can occur. Earlobes most commonly tear from repeated use of heavy or large earrings.

At first, people with partial tears are told to simply stop wearing their earrings to let the lobe heal on its own—but that often doesn’t work.

Sometimes the hole of a pierced ear can even split completely, which makes it impossible to wear earrings at all. For earring lovers, that can be pretty devastating. This was the case for Paula, one of Dr. Ha’s recent patients.

The fix: earlobe repair

Paula eventually ended up having her earlobes surgically repaired. It’s actually a relatively simple procedure that takes only 30 minutes to an hour under local anesthesia. The elongation or split is very carefully cut out, and then closed up with very fine stitches.

After the tear is fixed, it will need several weeks to completely heal. Re-piercing can be done in another six to eight weeks.

How to prevent ‘droopy’ earlobes

Now, if you love wearing heavy earrings—but don’t want to end up needing surgery one day— here are some tips from the experts.

  • Avoid wearing heavy earrings for long periods of time
  • Don’t fall asleep in your earrings (big or small)
  • Consider using an over-the-counter earlobe support product that prevents tears (you can find them in most drug stores or by searching “earlobe support” online)
  • Remove earrings during certain situations: using the telephone, at the hair salon, working out
  • Be aware that small children and babies may be attracted to earrings
  • Remove your earrings before removing upper clothing, like sweaters

Some of these may seem like no-brainers, but it’s always good to be reminded. Don’t let your passion for fashion trump your good sense!

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