2020 gift guide: Virtual gift ideas for everyone on your Christmas list


by Baylor Scott & White Health

Nov 25, 2020

Stressed about figuring out what to get everyone on your list this Christmas? Gift giving is hard enough as it is, but in true 2020 fashion, this holiday season is shaping up to be a whole new kind of challenge.  

Whether you’re spending the holidays away from family, trying to avoid shopping in person or simply looking for thoughtful ways to brighten a loved one’s day, we have you covered. We’ve rounded up our favorite virtual and digital gift ideas, from subscription boxes to online classes and more.  

Even if you can’t gather with friends and family in real life, these gifts will show you care — despite the miles. (Even better, they require little to no wrapping or shipping! That’s a win in our book.) 

Self-care: Gifts that relax 

Sweet dreams are made of these — and trust us, you do not want to sleep on these gifts. Say goodbye to sleepless nights and cancelled self-care Sundays. Everyone on your list deserves some R&R, especially this year.  

  • Meditation app subscription or gift card 
  • Monthly skin care delivery box subscription 
  • Subscription to a sleep aid app  
  • Monthly journal subscription for reflection and planning 
  • Gift box of lotions, perfumes, face masks, bath bombs, etc. 
  • Gift card to pick out new comfy pajamas, slippers or a robe 

Fitness: Gifts that motivate 

What better way is there to jump-start healthy habits than gifting the exercise lovers and health nuts in your life with a little extra push? I’m sure we can all agree that after months away from our gyms and fitness classes, it’s much needed.  

  • Online membership for fitness classes  
  • Wellness box subscription 
  • Subscription box for fitness clothes and gear 
  • Gift card to set up or expand their at-home gym 
  • Gift card for online one-on-one fitness coaching 

Food: Gifts that nourish 

Calling all foodies! For the neighbor who loves to support local food businesses and restaurants, for the grill master and for the gal who craves a classic home-cooked meal — each and every one of these gifts is guaranteed to satisfy both the heart and the stomach.  

  • Virtual cooking classes  
  • Grocery delivery membership 
  • Monthly subscription service for coffee, tea or their favorite snack 
  • Delivery of their favorite food or sweet treat 
  • Gift card for meal delivery kit service  
  • Gift card to their favorite local restaurant or grocery store 

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Entertainment: Gifts that delight 

2020 has been not-too-shabby of a year for the homebody. These fun gift ideas will make it that much better! As for those who have struggled spending so much time couped up, mind-stimulating puzzles and midday music streams have the power to take it up a notch.  

  • Streaming service membership 
  • Audiobook gift card 
  • Book of the month subscription 
  • Vinyl of the month subscription 
  • Music streaming membership  
  • Magazine subscription 
  • Online gaming subscription 
  • Tickets to a virtual concert or other virtual experience 
  • Games to play online with the whole family 
  • Puzzle of the month subscription 

Learning: Gifts that inspire 

The holiday season is not only for spreading cheer, but also growth, gratitude, optimism and love. Inspire your loved ones to pursue the change they want to see in the world, and in themselves. It’s never too late to pick up a new hobby or habit!

  • Online language classes 
  • Gift card for online tools or apps that teach how to play an instrument 
  • Virtual crafting classes (Think flower arranging, calligraphy, scrapbooking, etc.) 
  • Virtual gardening class 
  • Virtual woodworking or carpentry class 
  • Subscription for monthly children’s book, developmental toy or learning game

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Home: Gifts that beautify 

Regardless of your budget, these thoughtful housewarming gifts can easily make any room in a house feel like home. They’re especially sure to delight the work-from-home crowd. 

  • A year of fresh flower deliveries to spruce up the home 
  • Gift card to cover internet service or other utilities 
  • Candle subscription 
  • Gift card to their favorite online home goods store to refresh the home office 
  • Gift card to photo printing service to print photos of distant loved ones 
  • Subscription for monthly office supplies and organization tools 

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