Fitness trackers: What to know before you buy

Fitness & Sports Health

by Baylor Scott & White Health

Apr 13, 2016

Deciding to buy a fitness tracker is the easy part now-a-days. The real challenge starts when you begin to shop around for a fitness tracker. With today’s technology and market, picking out your fitness tracker can be very overwhelming and stressful. Here are four things to consider when shopping for your fitness tracker.

1. Compatible Lifestyle

Take a step back and look at your daily lifestyle or what you hope for it to be. Are you a sedentary person that has a long commute? Or are you an active person that wants to improve your athleticism? This can really narrow down your search and help you determine your overall goal. You will also want to know what features excite you. If you are somebody who is working from your email daily then maybe you want/need email notification on your fitness tracker. Or maybe you work shift work and you need a device to track your sleep patterns. Determine what is more important to you and works with your lifestyle!

2. Compatible Technology

Most fitness trackers have software that is only compatible to specific apps and devices. Meaning, you may really like a specific app but your new fitness tracker doesn’t have the capabilities to transfer data to it. If you have a specific app or computer system that you love to use daily (i.e. Apple, Microsoft, Android, etc) make sure your new fitness tracker can work with that particular app or computer system.

3. Budget Friendly

Fitness trackers can have a steep price tag. Knowing your budget before you walk in a store is very important, and all of the bells and whistles can be tempting when you are shopping around. Also remember to look for holiday sales, and ask the sales associate when the newer model is coming out. When the newer model comes out, you could score a serious discount on the older model.

4. Read the Reviews

This is probably the most important tip I can give! Reading consumer reviews can give you an insight of what life would be like after you purchase the fitness tracker. These reviews can also address issues or product flaws that you didn’t even think about. I also suggest asking your friends, coworkers, and family members for reviews. I’m always stopping my fellow runners after a race and asking them how they like their fitness tracker. You will get some honest and instant reviews by asking around.

Now that you know some tricks to narrow down the fitness tracker search, you can turn your focus and attention to the motivation you have to be healthier. I hope your fitness tracker brings you that accountability and measurability you desire to live a healthier life!

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